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Ozone Therapy: Air & Water Purification.
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Sauna03zone Ozone Products

Steam Sauna

Loads of optional extras to choose from; wet or dry or both.

Digital controls & display that can be controlled by Tablet, Cell Phone or Laptop


The unit suited for insufflation techniques and water treatment:

Ear Insufflation, External Limb Bagging, Ozone Funneling, Ozone Rectal Insufflation, Ozone Vaginal Insufflation


Oxygen concentrator provides high purity oxygen (91 – 93%) on site.

Used for the Ozone Steam Sauna or Insufflation System


Built-in Digital Camera. Image Capture Capability - Snapshots and Video. Quadruple Nosepiece with 4x/10x/20x/40x Objective Lenses. SD Card Slot (uses optional SD Cards up to 4GB).

Olive Oil

Ozone Gel olive oil is helpful in bacterial infections of the skin.

Including carbuncles, cellulitis, eczema, erythrasma, folliculitis, furuncles, granuloma annulare, paronychia, psoriasis

Air & Water

Can be used to purify water,rinse fresh produce or as an air purifier.

Air Treatment: Kills Bacteria, Deodorises rooms, fridges, cars, furniture. Water Treatment: Removes impurities, skin care, healing ulcers, burns.

Kitchen Water

Tap fitted ozonated water supplier:

Eliminates up to 99.8% of harmful contaminants like lead, radium, chlorine, and arsenic thanks to the multi-stage filtration technology.

RO Water

Domestic Reverse Osmosis water purifiers:

Four-layer filter net for filtering dust, hair etc.

Swimming Pool
Ozone Generator

Replace chlorine with ozonised pool systems.

Ozone leaves no harmful chlorinated by-products in the water and is more than 3,000 times faster acting and 2.5 times stronger than chlorine.


Bottling Plant from 1000 to 10000lt p/day. RO or UF Option.

For pure bottled drinking water.

Car Air

Maintains healthy and pure air in a vehicle continuously:

Actively oxygenates, removes stuffiness, cleans and disinfects air, eliminates smell.


Wall mounted ozoniser for sanitising and deodorising air.

Removes bad odours permanently, Ozone output: 200mg/hr, Effective coverage area of 30sqm


Wall or desktop mounted ozoniser with eap filter:

Four-layer filter net for filtering dust, hair etc. Ozone output: 500mg/hr, Effective coverage area of 80sqm.

Ozone & UV

Designed where hygiene and sterilization is of prime concern.

Garbage disposals, Mortuaries, Cold storage rooms, Abattoirs, Hospitals.


Ultra-violet Light Air Sanitation System: Powerful UVC lamps destroy airborne pathogens.

Eliminates viral cross contamination, 3m radius coverage, safe guard staff while at work.

Mini Ozone

Produces high concentration of Ozonated Water.

3200 times faster acting & 51% stronger than chlorine.

Micro Farm

Starter, Home or Professional pack available.


Includes: 750 L Fish Tank 250 L, 1m2 Grow Bed, 1700 L/H Pump, Auto Siphon, 20mm Piping, Flow Value

What is Ozone & the benefits of it..?

¶ Ozone increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells and makes the antioxidant enzyme system more efficient. It may help with chronic fatigue and environmental illness. Ozone has a tendency to clear blockages of large and even smaller vessels.

Lightning causes natural ozone and Medical Ozone is created by pulsing high currents of electricity through medical grade oxygen. Oxygen is O2 and Ozone is O3.

"Ozone Sauna therapy is the most powerful cleansing modality around."

Ozone is an energized form of a super charged molecule classified scientifically as O3. Chemically, ozone is oxygen with an extra molecule added. Electrically, ozone is oxygen with a higher energy level. It is unstable and highly reactive. Single oxygen O1 is a highly reactive free radical that acts as a scavenger of other free radicals . See Health Benefits
Sauna03zone is the leading manufacturer of Ozone Saunas and Ozone (03) products and boasts a wide selection of optional extras to suit your every need. All our products come with a Standard 2 year warranty on the ozone cabinets and Ozone Generators.

Whatever your need, we have the answer to a healthy lifestyle with our selection of Ozone Saunas and Ozone Products. We offer services and repairs to 'any' of our products as well as service contracts for those outlets that require workmanship on demand.

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